GSMA: 106 5G Networks Commercialized in the World, Including 35 SA Networks

GSMA Director-General Mats Granryd said today at the 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) that 106 5G networks have been commercialized in 47 nations around the world. Given that 5G links account for 7%, 200 mobile terminals have been launched on market in response. In addition, of the 106 commercialized 5G networks, over 35 are 5G SA networks.

"From now on until 2025, carriers worldwide will invest approximately USD 1.1 trillion, 80% of which will be intended for 5G networks. Decision makers from all mobile carriers have confidence in 5G technology expected to speed up innovation and meet new data requirements. But the arrangement of 5G networks is required of a hefty amount of R&D spending. Under the ideal scenario, spending will not sustain unless based on solid industrial foundation and enterprise application," explained Mr. Granryd.

He also spoke of some market leaders in 5G industry, e.g., the U.S., South Korea, Japan, China and Europe and considered it a tougher challenge for other regions in the world.

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